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Get 7 actionable ideas every Sunday for building your "portfolio career." Life hacks, passive income tips, book/music/film suggestions. From Multi-Grammy winner, Multi-Emmy Nominee, NYT bestselling author (19 books), ex-J.P. Morgan banker, US Navy Veteran ⚓

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7PS: Be Useful 🔨

Read time: 1 minute, 305 words.​Hello from Los Angeles.​I'm at the Grammys today. and my tuxedo fits! Your penguin,-Kabir 🐧​​ Seven Point Sunday - February 4 Portfolio Career Meet Sarah Burgess. Running coach & property rental. Having many careers is "not as scary as it sounds." Daily schedule: run, zooms, daily quiz show. ​ Productivity Consider Readwise. Makes it easy to revisit & learn from your ebook & article highlights. After I read a Kindle book I forget about it. But this app...

22 days ago • 1 min read

Read time: 1 minute, 273 words.​I'm OK with making March wait a little longer... Because February needs extra time to find itself. What are your leap year plans? I'm dropping a single from my forthcoming album on Feb 29 in commemoration. Kabir​​ Seven Point Sunday - February 25 Portfolio Career Meet Frank Licari. Director, actor, screenwriter, comedian, producer. "There is a definite stigma in the world that you're that 'gig' guy & not committed or that you're a jack of all trades...But...

about 20 hours ago • 1 min read

Read time: 1 minute, 284 words.​There's an escape button to the chaotic video game of life.​You know...keep a blank mind while your legs slowly go numb.​Check our new music drop.​-Kabir ​​ Seven Point Sunday - February 18 Portfolio Career Read 11 side hustles to start from home. How to get started. Drop shipping, artistry, digital creative, writing, proof reading, etc.​ Productivity Consider Kusar - Score thousands of videos on social media and analyze them using AI. Target the best audience...

8 days ago • 1 min read

Read time: 1 minute, 243 words.​I CAN confirm these rumors. We'll release an album as co-artists in days. But will this star appear during today's Super Bowl halftime show?​I'll let you do the math. Ommmkay,-Kabir ​​ Seven Point Sunday - February 11 Portfolio Career Meet Julie Berninger. She has a day job & opened an Etsy shop focused on the bachelorette niche. Her side gig became her main one.​ Productivity Consider Before Sunset. Scan your calendar and plan your day. Leverages AI to track...

15 days ago • 1 min read
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