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Seven Point Sunday - November 19

💼 Portfolio Career

Consider The double lives of white-collar workers with 2 jobs. "Jamie has managed to keep his double life a secret from both his bosses & is now making twice his original salary."

⚡️ Productivity

Check Facetune - Skin touch-ups, whiten teeth, add makeup and alter face shape. Also has its own avatar generator, allowing users to level up their selfies with AI-generated costumes

💰 Capital

Consider LTC Properties. A California-based healthcare REIT that invests in senior homes. Dividend ~7% paid monthly. Management raising capital to strengthen balance sheet. Check this thesis.

📚 Books

Read A Healthy State of Panic by Farnoosh Torabi."This book is the culmination of my 40+ years living afraid, but somehow still managing to make grown-woman decisions with conviction...The book travels through 9 different fears, showing how I and others have worked through them and ultimately used fear as tool at life’s crossroads."

🎵 Music

Listen to Treats for Turkey Day (and Autumn, Generally) by Eric Schorr. This 3-tune solo piano EP will warm your season with melody and stir memories. Listen to Pipe Organ Thanksgiving by Peggy Still Johnson for a spiritual awakening: lush organ renditions of familiar hymns.

📽️ Film

Watch Sly directed by Thom Zimny. The nearly fifty year prolific career of Sylvester Stallone, who has entertained millions, is seen in retrospective in an intimate look of the actor, writer, director-producer, paralleling with his inspirational life story.

📷 Photo

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