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Seven Point Sunday - November 5, 2023

💼 Portfolio Career

Kurt Vonnegut opened a Saab dealership. Agatha Christie was an apothecary's assistant. These famous authors had day jobs.

⚡️ Productivity

Check Dragon - powerful dictation solutions empower you to create mission‑critical documentation with speed, detail, accuracy

💰 Capital

Consider Bristol Myers Squibb. Pharma company boosted dividend, now ~4%. Recently made large acquisition, which Goldman Sachs considers a potential bridge to new revenues.

📚 Books

Read ​Unmasking AI​ by Joy Buolamwini. "My experiences with biased AI systems, literally forced me to look at topics I did not wish to face like algorithmic discrimination...I still believe in the promise of AI...we can change the trajectory of how AI is designed and deployed." Joy was in ​my Harvard Kennedy class​, and she's brilliant.

🎵 Music

Listen to Ammu's Treasures by Chandrika Tandon. Epic 3-volume-work for children, with 35 songs, 21 chants which span 2 hours and 17 minutes across languages, genres, and complexity. "Every musician in the room, captivated by the purity and spirit of the songs, urged me to create a fuller album as a gift for children and for anyone who had a hole in their heart for love." Favorites: "Kookaburra" & "Miller of the Dee" (feat. Béla Fleck)

📽️ Film

Watch The Artist directed by Michel Hazanavicius. An egomaniacal film star develops a relationship with a young dancer against the backdrop of Hollywood's silent era. I watched this on the plane, and it kept me awake...

📷 Photo

Don't sleep on miso!

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